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What's this for?

Over the years I've written some things that have never seen the light of day (or been deemed sharable with other humans). That's what this page is for. Some of the stories are true, some are fiction. I'm not telling which is which. My other ruminations and rants will still be found at the Thoughts page and the PanFuture blog.

Once Was

There once was a thing called man. Full of potential, smart and curious. Also stupid and petty. Beautiful, ugly, helpful and hurtful. All of those things mashed together. Could have been a tasty gumbo, came out more like all the paint colors mixed together in a shit-brown mess. Almost made it. Could have made it. All that's left is rotting concrete and rusting metal and soon that will all be gone. Was man alone in the universe? Late to the party? Early? Doesn't really matter, man never made it out the door.
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