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It's Not Worth It

It's just not worth it anymore. Facebook. Time to go. Some of you who've know me for a while probably remember that I have quit Facebook a few times, only to come back. I have at time simply become to wraped up in argument, too agitated by bad news and disagreement, that for my own mental health I have stepped away. I have been pulled back because it's a lazier way to feel like we're staying connected. At times it has also seemed necessary for business and creative pursuits.

But with the recent issues and concerns regarding privacy, user data, fake news, manipulation, and the behavior of Facebook's higher ups I can no longer morally or ethically use the platform. This time I'm going, and I'm going for good. It's certainly been an interesting social experiment but at this point in time I think Facebook is doing far more harm than good to our country, our world, our civilization.

The main downside for my decision is that I will be also deleting every page that I manage with the exception of Lynette's art page. This means that the Strange Land, Sean Gill music, Emerald Valley Drones, and PanFuture facebook pages will be no more. I'm not really sure this will do much harm though. Although I have gained an occasional job, gig, or networking contact through Facebook, it's been sifting through 10 tons of shit to find one ounce of gold. I think there are better ways.

I realize that I am showing some hypocrisy or inconsistency perhaps by leaving Facebook and staying on Twitter. For whatever reason I find twitter easier to benefit from, less irritating, and more useful in my businesses. Twitter is far from perfect and certainly not free from guilt in the problems we have with social media, but for now I will remain active on Twitter.

Those of you who want to stay in touch can find me on Twitter or can go old school and email me. Or really old school and call (extra old school points if you use a land line). My various websites will remain active and I will continue to share news and new creations when I have them. If we can't stay connected outside of Facebook and we loose touch, I am sorry, and I wish you the best.

I'm going outside now. See you around.

McKenzie River
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